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CBLD marks its 13th year as a leader and champion in competency-based learning and development. Headquartered in Singapore and with a growing presence in Asia, we collaborate closely with individuals, organizations and government agencies to build workforce competencies and workplace capabilities.


We currently operate out of 7 campuses in Singapore and Indonesia. Our solutions include domain and pedagogical expertise over a wide spectrum training and consultancy services in human resources, environmental services, elderly caregiving and domestic household services.

Training Programs

Explore our specialist centers to learn more about our SkillsFuture subsidized training programs. Government grants may apply for selected training programs.

  • Human Resources

  • Environmental Services

  • Elderly Caregiving

Consultancy Services


CBLD offers a broad base of consultancy services that address the requirements of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) and other industry competency-based human resource needs. These include the development of industry competency maps, competency standards,  curricula and assessment plans, amongst a holistic suite of solutions we offer directly or through our international network of trusted partners.

Explore our consultancy packages to learn more about what we can do your organization. Government grants may apply for selected projects.


CBLD is the primary reseller and implementation partner of TalentGuard – A US based Talent management software. If you are looking to transform your HR and business processes through a world-class competency based cloud solution, click here to request for a Demo. The modules provided are:

  • Competency Manager

  • Development Manager

  • Career Pathing

  • Succession Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Learning Management System

  • Certification Tracking


Government grants may apply for selected projects.

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