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Your Trusted Training Partner for Eldercare at Home
Providing a full spectrum of first class learning and development programs for eldercare since 2007
Our Programs & Services

Common Mental Illnesses in Elderly (Dementia & Depression)

  • Understand mental illnesses, dementia and depression in the elderly

  • Cope with mental illness of elderly at home

  • Provide emergency response to mental illnesses of the elderly at home

Infection Control at Home

  • Understand infectious diseases

  • Prevent modes of spreading diseases 

  • Identify potential risks

  • Learn hand washing procedures and techniques

Manage Medication

  • Understand different types of medication for the elderly

  • Interpret medication information on medication labels

  • Learn measures to be taken before and after medication

  • Understand how to detect drug allergy reactions

Perform Care of Elderly with Heart-Related Conditions

  • Understand the heart anatomy and physiology

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of a heart attack

  • Provide first aid treatment during a heart attack

Provide Basic Care

for the Elderly at Home

  • Provide care for personal hygiene

  • Assist the elderly in safe toileting

  • Prevent pressure sores

  • Assist in ambulation and range-of-motion activities

  • Perform basic home care & first aid

Perform Care for the Elderly with History of Stroke

  • Understand stroke condition

  • Provide post-hospital care

  • Assist in daily activities that need close monitoring

  • Provide moral support to the elderly with stroke

  • Make effective decision in the event of the attack

Perform Care of Elderly with History of Diabetes Mellitus

  • Understand diabetes mellitus

  • Understand the difference between high and low blood sugar

  • Provide care and treatment of the elderly with diabetes mellitus

  • Gain awareness of diabetes mellitus if left untreated and its complications

  • Perform glucometer reading test

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CBLD Headquarters (HQ)

140 Paya Lebar Road

#06-05/06, AZ@Paya Lebar

Singapore 409015

Tel: (65) 6339 9272

Fax: (65) 6222 2370


CBLD @ Central Campus*

261 Waterloo Street

#04-36, Waterloo Centre

Singapore 180261

Tel: (65) 6285 3669

Fax: (65) 6285 9515

*Our Central Campus is currently under renovation. All operations have been shifted to HQ.

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