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Our Programs & Services

Workplace Safety &

Health Practices Implementation

Identifying responsibilities under the Workplace Safety and Health Act, to follow hazard identification and risk control procedures.

Horizontal Surface Maintenance – Perform Cleaning of Carpets

Identifying appropriate cleaning tools for different types of carpet materials and right procedures for removing spillages and stains

Horizontal Surface Maintenance – Perform Cleaning of Hard Floor

Identifying appropriate cleaning tools for different types of hard floor and right procedures for removing spillages, dirt and debris



Understanding how to perform periodic cleaning of toilet ceilings, floors, glass, walls/partitions, fixtures/ fittings and de-scaling of urinals and toilet bowls

Vertical Surface Maintenance

Identifying appropriate cleaning tools and chemicals for different types of vertical, ceiling and glass surfaces and procedures to ensure safety requirements are met

Customer Management – Provide Quality Service

Understanding good personal grooming and service delivery to maintain great interpersonal relationship and proper communication with customers

Customer Management – Supervise Service Operation

Equipping cleaning supervisors or cleaning business owners with the right skills and knowledge to meet all stakeholders’ requirements and to monitor/review customer service

Chemical Cleaning Handling – Demonstrate & Apply Understanding of Chemicals, Methods & Processes

Understanding of cleaning chemicals, apply knowledge in the use of cleaning chemicals, and review effectiveness of cleaning chemicals.  Interpret and implement work plans, monitor implementation of work plans and monitor team performance and provide feedback.

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CBLD Headquarters (HQ)

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CBLD @ Central Campus*

261 Waterloo Street

#04-36, Waterloo Centre

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Fax: (65) 6285 9515

*Our Central Campus is currently under renovation. All operations have been shifted to HQ.

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